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Parklawn Sailing

is a volunteer-run, recreational sailing club that sails out of the West River Yacht Harbour in Galesville, Md. Our goal is to make cruising and racing fun, safe, and as economical as possible for our members. We own and maintain three boats for our members: Pisces - a Catalina 34, Vivace - an Express 30, and Voyager - a Hunter 34.

We are primarily a cruising club. Qualified skippers can schedule a boat for an afternoon, a day, a weekend, a week or longer to explore the West River and the Chesapeake Bay. The club organizes day-sails and training cruises are open to all members. We usually race Vivace in the weekly West River Races, and some CBYRA point-to-point races.

To keep overhead low, we do most of our own maintenance. About one one Saturday a month for routine maintenance for each boat. Larger projects are carried out over the winter. Besides the educational value of working on the boat with more experienced sailors, maintenance day volunteers earn coupons the translate into club-sails reduced fees.

Sailing is an acquired set of skills and the club actively encourages members to improve those skills. Our in-house training program is one way to improve; club-sails and racing are others.

Please also visit Parklawn Sailing's Google+ page, which includes posts of videos and articles from everywhere people sail. The site funnels some of the most interesting and important sailing news to our members and other interested sailors. The America's Cup, major regattas, minor regattas, and video-blogging world-cruisers are using the internet to reach out to other sailors. Occasionally, these videos are embedded on our web pages.

Don't overlook the links at the bottom of every page. They link you to Parklawn Sailing's Google+ site, our library of on-line documents, the National Weather Service's marine forecast for the Bay near West River, the weather-underground's detailed forecast for Galesville, and how to email Parklawn Sailing for further information about our club.

Parklawn Sailing is not a charter company. The club owns and maintains its boats so that its qualified members can enjoy Chesapeake Bay as cheaply as possible.