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Born to cruise.

In 1969 a bunch of sailors, who happened to work at the Food and Drug Administration's Parklawn building, decided they wanted to cruise Chesapeake Bay on the cheap. They organized Parklawn Sailing Association, bought a used boat, decided to keep it on the West River, and started sailing. They solved the problems of shared ownership, boat maintenance, and safe sailing. and forty-five years later, PSA still cruises the bay.

New members remind us that sharing boats, maintenance, and training is more fun than going into boat ownership alone. A qualified skipper can reserve one of the club's three boats for a day or a longer at a much lower cost than owning a boat or chartering. The West River is a great starting point for cruises throughout the middle Bay. With a decent breeze, an afternoon can take a you to Annapolis, Kent Island, Eastern Bay, the Choptank River, or Solomons.

Organized club outings, races, and training are open to all members for a low fee. The popular full moon outings pick a weekend evening at the time of a full moon, for a bit of night sailing. Club sails fill the need to socialize as well as sail, train, and race.

On occasion club members have organized groups to sail through the historic Chesapeake & Delaware Canal and circumnavigate the Delmarva Peninsula. And heard further north to New York and Long Island.

The club is a network of knowledgeable sailors that makes cruising easier.