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West River Racing

became part of the Parklawn tradition in 1975. Every Wednesday evening, April through September. Pirate's Cove Race Club holds a race. A Sunday afternoon frostbite series extends the season into November. These races start and finish at the sponsor's dock and the restaurant offers race-night specials and is conveniently located, next door to the PSA's marina

Vivace, the club's Express 30, races spinnaker class almost every week, and when there is sufficient interest Voyager, is pressed into service in a non-spinnaker fleet. Wednesday night on the West River is not the America's Cup, but it's great fun, a good learning experience, and a very social event.

Vivace sails in the annual Governor's Cup Regatta from Annapolis to St Mary's on the Potomac. We enter Vivace in some CBYRA point-to-point races that usually start from nearby Annapolis and go to St Michaels or Oxford on the Eastern Shore on a Saturday, then home on Sunday.

The club organizes a seminar to help interested members deal with the extra layer that racing adds to the usual rules of the road and the active racers run specialized on-the-water training emphasizing racing techniques, teamwork, and spinnaker handling.

Parklawn Sailing treats the weekly races as club-sails and all members are encouraged to participate at the low club-sail fee or a maintenance coupon. Club racing is a great way to build sailing skills quickly, and provides a nice on-the-water break in the middle of the week.