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Training and Skipper Qualification

Spring Training

starts as soon as the boats go in the water. Current members need to reacquaint themselves with the boats and shake out the cobwebs. PSA's training officer schedules training sessions on each boat at the beginning of the season.

The emphasis shifts after the Open Boat Recruiting Drive to bringing new members up to speed, so they can qualify as skippers. At-the-dock sessions explore the boat and their equipment, emphasizing what a skipper needs to be able to find in a hurry. Training cruises emphasise boat and sail handling, docking, and navigating the West River area. At least one overnight trip to a nearby port or gunkhole introduces provisioning, anchoring etc.

The racing group adds its own dockside session on the racing rules, and on-the-water sessions emphasizing teamwork, sail trim, and the complexities of flying a spinnaker.