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Galesville and West River Yacht Harbour

Location, location, location

is why Parklawn Sailing settled at West River Yacht Harbour in Galesville, Maryland. This old town is roughly the same distance from Metro Washington as Annapolis, the self-styled 'Sailing Capital of America' but many miles from its ego-alley. Most people take Route 50 from the beltway. But some prefer Maryland 214, avoinding much of the traffic and passing though an quieter Maryland.

In colonial times, Galesville was a Quaker community and the port of entry for the West River region. Once the clippers and steamships had their day, the area reverted to farming and fishing and most of the people moved on. Today there are about 600 residents and just about as many boaters.

West River and the adjoining South River are the first good harbors south of Annapolis. The area is home to a many boats and facilities. There is easy access to the middle Chesapeake and more protected sailing in the bays and inlets.

West River Yacht Harbour is at the center of the Galesville sailing community. There is ample parking for cars and boats, showers, a swimming pool, and even a gazebo for picnicking. Next door is a full service boatyard with a fine lift and a good attitude toward DIY sailors. Just beyond the Yacht Yard are a couple of resturants. The nearest, Pirates Cove sponsors West River's weekly sailbat races, so the start/finish line is conviently located right off our dock.

West River Yacht Harbour / 4801 Riverside Dr / Galesville, Md
Galesville Hbr Yacht Yard / 4805 Riverside Dr / Galesville, Md